Type XL
200 kW of IT-load in twenty-two rack cabinets
Combination of individual IT and power modules allows to deploy any data center with a required number of rack cabinets within minimum time frame.
Technical specifications
  • 200 kW of IT-load
  • N+1 redundancy of main components of data center infrastrucutre
  • cabinet-type air-conditioners with humidity control and support
  • uniterruptibple air-conditioning
  • raised floor
  • UPS, battery cabinets and electric switchboards in a single power module
  • 10 minutes of offline operation
  • twenty 42U 600 mm rack cabinets and two 800 mm telecommunication cabinets
  • 2N power distribution system
  • security alarm system, CCTV and access control
  • automatic gas fire extinguishing system
  • optional direct freecooling system
  • optional extension of IT-module to 264 kW

Additional files
Layout Type XL - download
Layout Power Module Type XL - download

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