Modular data centers include all neccesary infrastructure and engineering systems:
Electric switchboards
Fire protection system
Cooling systems
(external units)
Cooling systems
(internal units)
Cabinets for IT-equipment
Advantages of modular data centers
Fully functional data center with much less time to complete the project
Speed of deployment
Manufacturing, testing and setup are carried out at the factory - PLUG&PLAY PRODUCT. Minimum time for commissioning and startup.

Production instead of construciton
Reducing CAPEX by cutting down on construction works in the total budget. Quick return on investment. Complete testing and prefabrication of the product by the manufacturer.

Modular approach to design and manufacturing. Add new modules to scale up the project.

"Green" technologies
No limits for engineering infrastructure which come with exisiting buildings: floor load, cabling systems and structural walls, remote location of external cooling units etc. Easy to adapt modules to "green" technologies during the design stage.

Modules can be installed on unprepared sites/parking lots near office or commercial estate and can be quickly relocated if necessary.

Reduction of operating costs (OPEX)
Reduction of OPEX by means of better PUE: minimum length of cable lines, optimal usage of circluation air and ease of integration of freecoling technologies.
Design flexibility
Individual approach and tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs of every Customer.
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